Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sideways/Les Vacances de M. Hulot

Cross off two more! I watched Sideways on Sunday, still loved it, but then I'll watch anything with Paul Giamatti in, even Shoot 'em Up, and I'm looking forward to watching Cold Souls at some point in the future too, as well as Barney's Version. Choose Film 7/10

Rented les Vacances de M. Hulot too. Wasn't overly impressed if I'm honest, I found the lack of a driven narrative to be annoying, and that most of the occurrences were contrived merely to allow a few slightly humourous pratfalls. Plus, the character of Monsieur Hulot is a clear inspiration for Mr. Bean, the character that lessened Rowan Atkinson as a comedy genius in the public mindset, for which there is no possible forgiveness. Choose Life 4/10

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