Thursday, 7 April 2011

The White Balloon

An Iranian film shot almost entirely in real time, about a young girl trying to buy a goldfish before the New Year, this is hardly action-packed cinema, but was still surprisingly gripping. Following her on the various ordeals she encounters, first convincing her mother to let her buy one, then losing her money not once but twice, and diverting along the way to the strangers who help or hinder her quest, you begin to genuinely care about the girl, and desperately hope that she accomplishes her fairly pointless mission.
I liked how a child’s perspective of the world was accurately depicted on film, with both the girl and her slightly older brother believing that any problem can be solved by any adult, simply because they are an adult and know how to do everything, or how nothing is more important than whatever the child is doing, anything is forgivable, even stealing.
Choose film 6/10

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